The ZiMA Congress

This is an annual event held in the third week of August anywhere in Zimbabwe. However to the increasing numbers of both participating members and partners, the ZiMA congress traditional venue has become the Victoria Falls. The congress has both scientific and social sessions where research papers are presented to participants in fulfilment of our quest for continuous medical education and hence promote the practice of evidence based medicine to exhibition and sale of current world class equipment and medicines.

Social Responsibility

At ZiMA we recognise the challenges facing the society in which we operate. As part of our social responsibility we visit disadvantaged institutions countrywide and offer consultation services for free. This is done once every four months, while in their own way and during their own time our members treat disadvantaged patients for free. We are aware of the shortfalls of a once off visit every four months in preference for continuous presence but we face challenges in logistic and resource supply which if sponsors come into support is achievable.

Zimbabwe Access Health Trust

The Zimbabwe Health Access Trust is a brainchild of ZiMA whose sole purpose is to identify challenged institutions in both urban and rural areas and mobilise resource to make these once –upon-a time-good centres of health be what they were like in mid 80s. We used to have one of the best healthcare delivery system in the world. The infrastructure is there, the manpower is there but the work environment needs attention while the tools of trade are old and in need or refurbishment or replacement. Through this vehicle we got partners to assist at Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals Opportunistic Infection clinic and managed to paint Harare Central Hospital, renovate theatres and the water reticulation system. This is achievable by ourselves as in the projects we carried at the two central hospitals, no foreign aid was used. We however do not shun assistance from whoever shares the same dreams with us. Through ZiHAT, we anticipate to help Mpilo Hospital which is currently going through a dark patch in the history of its service delivery. These are hospitals for Zimbabweans and we should expect none other than ourselves to make them what we want to see when we get there.

Continuous Medical Education

At ZiMA, we want our members to give the best service to their patients. We want to mix quality with knowledge so that our members use current medicine practices. To achieve this goal we offer CME to our members who are awarded points, a minimum of which is required for registration to practice during the following year. We partner with MDPCZ and HPA so that non-compliant members are not registered to practice medicine in Zimbabwe. This has been the case for a number of years in line with changes happening anywhere in the world. It remains our core business at ZiMA to protect the interests of the medical profession, the patient community and the public by creating a conducive environment for the best practice of medicine in Zimbabwe. As a noble and honourable association ZiMA’s ultimate goal is to grow its membership and cater for the needs of its members. Currently we have the following benefits for all our members:

1. CPD accreditation with the medical and  dental practitioners of Zimbabwe (MDCPZ).

– ZiMA coordinates accreditation of its affiliate associations for the renewal of practicing certificates with MDPCZ.

2. Organising CPD activities.

– ZiMA coordinates accreditation of its affiliate associations for the renewal of practicing certificates with MDPCZ.

3. ZiMA Malpractice Insurance Fund ZiMA.

– ZiMA organises Continuous Medical Education activities for its members. CME days are organised throughout the year with the biggest CME being the annual congress.

4. Tractive Power Holdings t/a Puzey and  Payne Vehicle Purchase scheme.

– All ZiMA members have the opportunity to purchase brand new vehicles on credit courtesy of Puzey and Payne. This vehicle purchase scheme offers a wide range of choice like Toyota and Isuzu with a 10% deposit required upfront, the difference payable at 15 % interest over three years. Terms and conditions apply.

5. RM Insurance with  discounted Rates.

– Our members benefit from discounted rates from RM Insurance. RM Insurance offers our members the following products: -> Medi Sure package ->Business Protection -> Doctor’s Home Plan -> Doctor’s Motor Scheme

6. Liaison with the Ministry of Health and Child welfare.

– Association articulates the interest of doctors and make representation on behalf of its members. ZiMA also makes representation of the health stakeholders on pertinent health issues in the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

7. Setting the Doctors’ Tariffs.

– ZiMA sets a tariff and liaison committee. The tariffs are recognised by the Ministry of Health and Child welfare and Medical Dental Practitioners Council (MDPCZ).

8. Future in the pipeline.’ Tariffs.

– ZiMA is currently working on enhancing its membership benefits portfolio with the following: -> Discounted rates for its members in hotels, restaurants, car hire, parking space, -> Encouraging participation in ZiMA social responsibility program. ZiMA is mostly sports clubs and gyms humbled by its national positive response to the program.