At ZiMA, we want our members to give the best service to their patients. We want to mix quality with knowledge so that our members use current medicine practices. To achieve this goal we offer CME to our members who are awarded points, a minimum of which is required for registration to practice during the following year.

We partner with MDPCZ and HPA so that non-compliant members are not registered to practice medicine in Zimbabwe. This has been the case for a number of years in line with changes happening anywhere in the world. It remains our core business at ZiMA to protect the interests of the medical profession, the patient community and the public by creating a conducive environment for the best practice of medicine in Zimbabwe. As a noble and honourable association ZiMA’s ultimate goal is to grow its membership and cater for the needs of its members.

General Medical Doctors

Payment Fee: $75.00 each year

Age Group: up to 70 years

Senior Doctors

Payment Fee: $0.00 each year

Free Access

Age Group: Above 80 years

Private Practise Doctors

Payment Fee: $150.00 each year

Age Group: up to 70 years

Junior Doctors

Payment Fee: $30.00 each year

Age Group: 

Senior Doctors

Payment Fee: $50.00 each year

Age Group: 71 years to 79 years