The Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZiMA) is the sole representative association for all medical doctors in Zimbabwe irrespective of their area of specialty. It is a membership based association whose objective among others is to protect and advance the interests of the medical profession in Zimbabwe. Our interests are vested in optimising the environment for a sound doctor patient relationship which for time immemorial has been based on mutual trust and respect. We work with the government of Zimbabwe and all stakeholders to ensure that all citizens and our visitors enjoy access to adequate standard of health. We try as much as possible, together with stakeholders to formulate and influence the health policy, provide a forum for discussion on matters of common interest ensuring that members derive a sustainable source of income from practising medicine in Zimbabwe and protecting the health rights of the public at large. In trying to offer current evidence based medical practises we and our partners offer continuous medical education to our members.


The aim of ZiMA is to look after the interests of members of the medical profession in Zimbabwe to improve the care of patients and to encourage maintenance of professional and ethical practises in medicine in Zimbabwe.


To effectively represent the interests of medical doctors, promote the health interests of the public and take a leading role in supporting the formulation, review and implementation of health related policies.


To be the leading organisation for doctors working together to meet the health needs of the population.


  •  Integrity
  •  Professionalism
  •  Ethics
  •  Efficiency
  •  Accountability